The attorneys of Cole-Frieman & Mallon LLP have extensive private practice and in-house experience that provide them with the business acumen and market knowledge to effectively serve companies and individuals throughout the country.

Partners: Karl Cole-Frieman, Bart Mallon, Lilly Palmer, David Rothschild, Scott Kitchens

Of Counsel: Bill Samuels

Counsel: Christian Brockman, Anthony Wise

Associates: Dominic Althoff, Kevin Towler, Malhar Oza, Shuchen Gong, Kendra Snyder, Erica Harris, Courtney Rodman

Paralegals / Support: Cheryl Chung, Richard Hunt, Rennie Fidler, Kimberley Dong, Suzana Wysong, Riwana Totah, Cyrus Stenstedt, Jacob Feigenbaum, Antonella Ballon

Professional Staff: Sharon Hamilton, Danielle Parker, Chad Shenouda, Anne-Marie Lostaunau